Your partner in
mobile horse stables

Your partner in mobile horse stables.

Available throughout Europe, our portable horse stalls are the very best choice for your next horse show or horse event.

As Europe’s fastest growing supplier of portable stabling systems for hire, we can cater for both big events or small shows. We deliver, set up and remove your mobile stables as fast as a horse wherever and whenever you wish. So you can relax and enjoy the funkiest flexibility ever to hold your next firecracker of an event.

Stableking has offices in Flanders (Belgium), Paris (France) and London (UK).

The Stableking Stables.

Our mobile stables will grant your wildest wishes when it comes to quality, stability and the safety of your horse.

Attract high end competitors to your horse event by renting our unique fully portable deluxe stables. The stalls can be installed either indoors or out in the open and with or without roof attachment or tents. Whether you are looking for one stable or a gigantic complex, Stableking effortlessly presents the fitting set-up for your needs.


  • Comfortable
    The size of a portable horse stable is either 10 square feet (3m x 3m) or 12 square feet (3,6m x 3,6m) allowing your average or above average sized horse to move around comfortably.
  • High
    All portable horse stalls stand 8 feet tall (2,42m) preventing your stunning horse to get injured by placing his or her head over the top of an uncovered stall.
  • Handy
    Include a 6 feet (1,83m) overhang to give yourself plenty of extra room to work under.
Quality & safety
  • Easy
    Absolutely no hassle with poles, ropes or stakes risking your safety or that of your beloved horse.
  • Strong
    All boxes are kick-through resistant, the stable panels can take a horse hit without risking your horse getting injured.
  • Safe
    Door panels have ventilation bars & sliding doors with side locks.
  • Clean
    Every single horse stall is delivered highly hygienic and completely splinter and nail-free.
The Stableking Service.

Of course dry hire is possible if you’re a jack of all horse trades, but once you go Stableking’s strong-as-a-horse full service, you never go back.

We love horses and we know you do too! That’s why we strive to make your show or event worry and stress free by providing quality service and stabling for all of your equine buddies. So you and your visitors can give the heroes of the day, the almighty horses, all the attention and love they deserve.

full service horse stable rental

All rentals include delivery, set-up and removal of the mobile horse stalls and tents (when rented) at your desired location.


Our oversized transport fleet guides the portable horse boxes to your chosen drop-off and set-up point.


All boxes are steam cleaned or power washed by our own staff before and after to ensure that all horses have a safe, clean & comfortable environment , so there’s absolutely no need to clean them yourselves during your rental period.

the extra horse mile

Horse bedding (softwood shavings) is included in your full rental service.

unlimited stock

Whether you need 10 stalls or 10.000 stalls, Stableking is your horse’s number one choice for quality temporary stabling.

groovy flexibility

Bookings or modifications to your booking can be made until the final week before delivery.


Give your visitors a chance to protect their belongings with our lockers. And do it with ease, as on your request, Stableking’s staff will handle the transport of the lockers, the desired set-up and even the rental of the lockers during your event. Besides an unlimited service, we can offer you an unlimited stock as well.

fences, barriers and more

Become Stableking's very special horse event partner by also renting our effective event equipment. Barricades, building fences, crash barriers, bar barriers, mobile ticket offices, signing,... we have all the fitting tools to make your event run as smooth as a horse. And of course at a very special price from one horse friend to another.
The Stableking Prices.

Without any hesitation we can be as confident as a Stableking-stabled horse on this one. We can beat any price!

The only reason we’re not revealing our astonishing appealing prices on this very website, is because we don’t want the cheeks of our competitors to turn uncomfortably red. But hey, we can whisper you this: rental prices start from as little as 25 euro (22 GBP). Just give us a wink and ask for our conditions to stop your curious nose from itching.

   Bye bye cancellation fee

Did you order somewhere else already, but do you regret it now you finally heard of us? Well, what about this: say ‘hell yeah!’ to the Stableking stables and service and we will be more than happy to refund your cancellation fee.

   Early horse discount

But if you’re not ready to take the obstacle just yet, we welcome you to place an early order for next year (2020) and we will reward you with a huge early horse discount, a discount that’s a hell of a lot bigger than an early bird!

Our show and event dates are rapidly filling. So, if you are considering using Stableking’s full service for your stabling needs in the next years, please reserve your portable stalls as soon as possible.

Stop chomping at the bit now and become part of the Stableking family. Send us an e-mail and we’ll find out how we can help you turn your event into a glittering triumph.

May the horse be with you!

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